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Some common problems that our customers might encounter

Leaks occur anywhere and everywhere and never at an opportune time.  While leaks are generally easy to fix, they often can be difficult to find and will definitely be expensive if not detected early on.
Look for obvious signs of leaks, particularly when your system is running.  Puddles of standing water, muddy areas, the hissing sounds of spraying water behind bushes, flooded valve box, water flowing down the street.  All of these likely indicate you have a leak in your system.

System will not shut down
This usually indicates a problem with the valve.  Sometimes debris (small pebbles, rust or other foreign material) can get into your valve and cause it not to shut down.  That means your system will continuously water.  You cannot shut this down with the timer.  You must turn the system down at the water source, usually found near the valves.

System won't work
This can be a  number of different problems.  Valves that are not working properly, timer not working properly, water supply issues and others.  This takes diagnosis, but usually can be found quickly if you know what to look for.

Whatever your problem, we can almost always fix it.
If we can't, there is no charge.