Andy's Irrigation is now offering landscape maintenance! Services include trimming, blowing, weed control, cleanup, hauling, and more!  Please give us a call at (520) 256-0516 for an estimate.

Andy's Irrigation is happy to provide FREE ESTIMATES for repairs and 
replacements of timers, valves, and line sections, as well as new installations

for landscaping projects, custom gardens, and MORE!

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Please give us a call at (520) 256-0516 for a personalized quote on new LIGHTING installations!

Our preferred supplier for outdoor lighting is Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply.



Please give us a call at (520) 256-0516 for a personalized quote on new installations!

Professional Timers (installed)*
Hunter X-Core                                                $245
Rainbird Residential                                      $245
Irritrol RD600-R                                              $265
Other timers requested or provided by the homeowner - Please Call for Quote
*Additional charges for timer installations may occur if changes to mounting or wiring are necessary.

NEW installations for timers, valves, and lines have a 2-year WARRANTY for Parts and Labor.
​Warranty does not cover acts of God, animal damage, or negligence.


Service Calls

Standard Service Call                                   $75 - $95 per visit + cost of parts (as needed)
*Service call rate includes, but is not limited to: system checks, leak repairs, timer assistance, valve trouble-shooting, flushing lines, emitters and sprinkler heads/bodies adjust/replacements.

Routine Scheduled Maintenance Checks 
Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-annual options available.

Standard Residential                                   $65 per visit + cost of parts (as needed)
Acreage                                                          $75 per visit + cost of parts (as needed)
Commercial                                                   $85 per visit + cost of parts (as needed)              

Additional Labor(when heavy digging, trenching, pipe work, etc. is involved)
Labor Rate - One Man                                 $55/hr + cost of parts (1 hr minimum)
Labor Rate - Two Men                                 $75/hr + cost of parts (1 hr minimum)

Real Estate Inspections

Irrigation inspection for home buyers/sellers: $67